Our Tutors

are qualified teachers, many of which have master’s degrees and hold leadership positions within their schools. We follow a process of safer recruitment with all tutors academic credentials verified, with references sourced and DBS checks in place.

Experienced Consultant Team

Future Schools Advisor – Helen

Former Deputy Head of a Top 50 UK Boarding School

  • Specialise in Interview Training and Future Schools advisor
  • BSc (HONS) Botany and Zoology
  • Kings College London
  • PGCE (Secondary Science) Kings College London
  • Former Examiner for GCSE, IGCSE Biology
  • Deputy Head (Retired)

Entrance Exams Advisor – Andrew

Former Deputy Head and Head of Academics and Scholarships programme of 
a Top 50 UK Boarding School

  • Expertise in Prep school and Scholarships advisor
  • Specialise in Prep School English, Maths and Science
  • BEng (Hons) in Engineering
  • MSc in Chartered Engineer, PGCE 
  • Preparation for the entrance exams for CAT also Eton and others (VR,NVR specialist)
  • Former Deputy Head, Former Deputy Head of Academics and Former Head of Curriculum

Boarding School Advisor - Jacqueline

MA Fine Art Northumbria.
BA (hons) Fine Art Cumbria.
BSA Accredited Boarding Practitioner level 2.

  • 16 years boarding House experience at top 50 U.K. boarding schools
  • 13 years as Housemaster.
  • Former Subject Head Textiles.

Primary Specialist – Rosemary

Senior Consultant for Geography, English and Math

  • Specialise in Geography, English and Math
  • Masters in Environmental Science, BSC Hons in Physical Geography
  • TEFL qualified over 10 years experience with international students
  • Supported students through all UK, USA exams and entrance exams
  • SEN trained, able to build supportive and trusting working relationships with students and adults 

Sixth Form and University Specialist - Elizabeth

Head of History & Head of Sixth Form of a Top 50 UK Boarding School, CIE Examiner for IGCSE History

  • Specialise in UCAS Personal statement support and University advisor
  • BA (HONS) Combined Arts: History, French & Sociology (University of Durham)
  • Specialist Subject: The Black Death 1348-1351
  • MA Early Modern History (University of Durham)
  • QTS: Secondary History
  • CIE IGCSE Examiner 2014-2016

Subject Specialists


STEM Specialist – Rohini

Head of Science of a Top 50 UK Boarding School & Examiner for Chemistry with OCR, AQA, Edexcel and CIE

  • Specialise in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths (KS3/GCSE/IGCSE)
  • Expertise in A Level/IB Chemistry
  • BSc (HONS) in Biochemistry (University of Wales)
  • MSc in Biochemistry (University of Wales)
  • PGCE: Secondary Science (University of Oxford)
  • Examiner for GCSE, IGCSE and A level Chemistry with OCR, AQA, Edexcel and CIE
  • Head of Science

Head of Math and Physics - Henje

Specialise in Maths, Physics, Degree level Maths, Physics and Engineering

  • MPhys Astrophysics (Cardiff University)
  • Expertise in GCSE, IGSE, A level IB Maths and Physics, Degree Level Maths, Physics and Engineering and Masters and PHD Level Physics

Head of Biology - Zofia

Head of Sixth Form of a Top 50 UK Boarding School & Edexcel GCSE Examiner

  • Biology specialist – numerous students to achieve places at top universities world wide. A number of students have achieved 100{774b6c361359fe720bfc00585bde4841f18b7a75a8c10182f786d6e1ad57fbef} at A level and have gone on to study biology at Oxford.
  • Bsc Hons Biology and Environmental Science (University of Surrey)
  • PGCE – Secondary Science (University of Surrey)
  • Expertise in university applications and personal statements 

Head of Geography - David

Specialise in Maths, Physics, Degree level Maths, Physics and Engineering

  • MA (Hons) Geography (University of Edinburgh)
  • MSc (Econ) International Relations and Military Strategy (University of Wales)
  • PGCE Secondary Geography (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • MSc Psychology (University of Liverpool)
  • DEdChPsy Educational and Child Psychology (University of Manchester)
  • Expertise in GCSE, IGSE, A level IB Geography

Drama and Performing Arts Specialist – Thomas

Senior Consultant for English, Drama and Psychology

  • Specialise in GCSE, A Level & IB English, Drama, Psychology and Humanities
  • Double Honours BA in English and Psychology (University of Manitoba)
  • MA in Film Aesthetics (University of Oxford with Rhodes Scholarship)
  • M.Sc. in Child Development and Education (University of Oxford with Rhodes Scholarship)

Humanities Specialist– Frederick

Senior Consultant for Humanity

  • Specialise in English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, ISEB pre-test and interview training
  • Expertise in GCSE / A Level History, Geography, Philosophy, Debate, Classic, English Literature, Religious Studies, Ancient History, Drama, Latin
  • BA (HONS) Classical Studies (University of London)
  • MA in Ancient History (University of Oxford)

Entrance Examination Specialist - Phineas

Former Harrow School master

  • Specialised for Entrance Training (Successfully gaining students places in Harrow, Eton, Winchester and Westminster)
  • Expertise in English, Maths, French, Verbal Reasoning, History, Latin, Geography, German, Science, Religious Studies, and Politics
  • Ba Hons French and German (Exeter University)
  • MA European Classical Drama (University of Arts London)

Dr Soham

University of Oxford

  • Lecturer in Medicine (University of Oxford)
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Medicine Tutor specialising in BMAT and U(K)CAT training


Head of English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • DELTA qualified English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher, PGCE
  • Teacher of KET, PET, FCE for schools, IGCSE, Cambridge Advanced and IELTS.


Modern Languages and PGCSE University of York

  • Specialist Language teacher of French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese

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